Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sonar the Bat

This is Sonar the Bat. I created him because there weren't any free bat patterns that I really liked. He's perfect as a little Halloween decoration or for anyone who enjoys the darker side of life.

You'll need:

3.5 mm hook (size E), stuffing, scissors, a needle for sewing and embroidery, and two beads, buttons, or safety eyes. Feel free to have fun with the color combinations as well!
Remember to always leave a long tail for sewing!

Head in main color
R1- in circle work 6 sc
R2- inc each stitch (12 st)
R3- (sc, inc in next st) repeat 5 more times (18 st)
R4- (sc 2 around, inc in next) repeat 5x (24 st)
R5- (sc 3 around, inc in next) 5x more (30 st)
R6-12- sc around (7 rounds total, 30 st)
R13- (sc 3 around, dec 2 st together) repeat 5x (24 st)
R14- (sc 2 around, dec 2 together) 5x (18 st)
R15- (sc, dec 2 together) 5x (12 st)
R16- dec around (6 st)
Finish Off, leave long tail

Body in main color
R1- sc 6 in circle
R2- inc each stitch (12 st)
R3- (sc, inc in next st) repeat 5 times more (18 st)
R4- (sc 2 around, inc in next) repeat 5x (24 st)
R5-9- sc around (5 rounds total, 24 st)
R10- (sc 2 around, dec 2 together) 5x (18 st)
R11-12- sc around (2 rounds total, 18 st)
R13- (sc, dec 2 together) 5x more (12 st)
Finish off and Stuff

Ear (outside) make 2 in main color
Chain 8
Row1- sc 7, chain 1, turn (7 st)
Row2- sc 7, ch 1, turn (7)
Row3- dec, sc 5, ch 1, turn (6)
Row4- dec, sc 4, ch 1, turn (5)
Row5- dec, sc 3, ch 1, turn (4)
Row6- dec, sc 2, ch 1, turn (3)
Row7- dec, sc, ch 1, turn (2)
Finish Off, leaving tail

Ear (inside) make 2 in contrast color
Chain 6
Row1- sc 5, ch 1, turn (5 st)
Row2- sc 5, ch 1, turn (5 st)
Row3- dec, sc 3, ch 1, turn (4)
Row4- 2 dec, ch 1, turn (2)
Row5- dec (1 st)
Finish Off, leaving tail

Wings make 2 in contrast color
R1- sc 4 in circle, ch 1, turn (4)
R2- sc, 2 inc, sc, ch 1, turn (6)
R3- inc, sc, inc, sc 2, inc, ch1, turn (9)
R4- inc, sc 2, inc, sc 4, inc, ch 1, turn (12)
R5- sc 5, 2 hdc in same st, sc 6 (13)
Finish Off color
In main color sc evenly across straight edge of wings (mine was 10 st)
chain 3, turn, on second chain from hook make a slip stitch, sc next st (claw)
sc 4, hdc in next 2 stitches, sc 4
Finish Off, leaving tail

Eyes make 2 in contrast color
R1- sc 6 in circle
R2- (sc, inc) repeat 2 more times (9 st)
FO, leaving long tail
Attach eyes as you like

Sew head to body. Attach eyes about halfway down the top of the head.
Sew the inside of the ears to the outside ears, fold slightly, and sew onto the head.
Sew wings onto body. With extra yarn from sewing, embroider bones in the wings.
Embroider fangs, nose, and mouth, if desired.
Weave in all ends.

Your bat is done!


  1. Thank you! I made two for my grandkids, and they love them! Kate

  2. Thank you. Can I use the image and backlink to your blog? Thanks, Claribel

  3. Hay que bonito,,, pero que pena que no se ingles y no tienes traductor de todos modos gracias por el paso a paso besossssss

  4. How much yarn do you need for this project?

  5. I do not know why I can't get the wings to come out right. :(

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